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Standard Plan

For children or non-smokers! Non-smoking car desigation plan
If you want to book a car type designately, please make a reservation on 'Car designation plan'.

※We do not accept requests for the car model. (It will be a rental of a vehicle with the day's stock or vehicles.)
[Standard equipment]
 ●Car navigation system 
 ●ETC device
[You.I Rental Car Reservation Special Benefits]
 ●Lending baby/child/junior seats for free
 ●Original Roadmap

 ●Discout voucher for "Churajima Tour" with 24 great benefits

 *This event may end as soon as it is sold out.

~Announcement of change of suttle bus stop at Naha airport~
So far, the shuttle bus stop of rent-a-car is at 11B.
From April 1st, 2019, it will be the 10A rental car shuttle bus stop.
Please check if you are leaving after April, 2019.

standard equipment
  • Car navigation
  • ETC
  • AUX
  • Non-smoking car

Estimate by selecting terms and options

Terms and Conditions for Renting Car

Starting condition
Departure Date
Return condition
Return Date

Option selection

Basic use conditions

Departure Date

Return Date

Number of vehicles used 1

Departure and return locations

Departure office

Return office

Optional Fee

reservation information

About Cancellation
I have not received a cancellation fee.Please contact me as soon as possible when you cancel.
Payment Method
You can pay in cash, Visa, Master Card, WAON, or Silver on the day you use.
Compensation for Discharge
object Unlimited Liability [50,000 yen]
car typeMarket value : examption clause 50,000yen / All J, W and V classes, T1-T3
100,000 yen exemption / T4 or higher, A and M classes
compensation for bodily injuryup to 30 million yen per person