Standard Plan

For children or non-smokers! Non-smoking car desigation plan
If you want to book a car type designately, please make a reservation on 'Car designation plan'.

※We do not accept requests for the car model. (It will be a rental of a vehicle with the day's stock or vehicles.)
[Standard equipment]
 ●Car navigation system 
 ●ETC device
[You.I Rental Car Reservation Special Benefits]
 ●Lending baby/child/junior seats for free
 ●Original Roadmap

 ●Discout voucher for "Churajima Tour" with 24 great benefits

 *This event may end as soon as it is sold out.

~Announcement of change of suttle bus stop at Naha airport~
So far, the shuttle bus stop of rent-a-car is at 11B.
From April 1st, 2019, it will be the 10A rental car shuttle bus stop.
Please check if you are leaving after April, 2019.

standard equipment
  • Car navigation
  • ETC
  • AUX
  • Non-smoking car
day charge
Online Limited7,020yen
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(Includes Remittance/Consumption Tax)